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Questions without Answers

I have been wrecked for the last few days. I read this post from Ann Voskamp about the choices that women need to make…choosing between their children. I read about nine year old girls that are sold as wives or whatever… My little girl is nine. I cannot imagine her being used in that way. […]

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The Seduction of Production (FSW – chapter 4)

  Do. Do. Do. Work. Work. Work. Produce. Produce. Produce. We live in a society that determines our value on what we produce. Homeless = 0 on welfare = 0 mom who stays home = 2 news anchor on major network = 7 blue collar worker = 4 movie actor = 10 Even though that […]

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What Will You Do With Him?

The season of celebrating the resurrection is over. Such an important event and yet it gets so little coverage. Kind of stuck under a pile of fluffy bunnies and melted chocolate. Long have I wondered how to make a shift in my own home to make this weekend a bigger deal than Christmas. I haven’t […]

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Whose pants are you wearing?

Really, whose pants are you wearing? Do they fit well? Like they were made for you or are they too tight, too short, too long, too loose, wrong color? All our lives someone is trying to hand us a pair of pants that aren’t necessarily ours to wear. We may take them and hold them […]

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The truth is…

I’m beginning to think that ‘someone’ doesn’t want this post to go live. I’ve been trying to post it since last Friday when the Five Minute Friday word was ‘truth’. Since then I’ve had no end of technology problems. Perhaps there was a reason for the delay…I don’t know but I do know that I […]

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Birthing Me…

I am having contractions. I am squeezed and tight and I can hardly breathe. I should have known it was coming, there have been little contractions that I haven’t taken much notice of but this, this is the real deal, I can tell. Which means only one thing. The pain and trauma and joy of […]

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Catching up and a Recipe!!

It is raining outside, but it’s warm in my house. The furnace is running and it finally feels like fall!  Last night marked the end of harvest for us. The gardens and the fields have been gathered in and I am so thankful. With the wet spring and old equipment and busy schedule I wasn’t […]

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Some Truth

I love this song. I hope you play it loudly and dance if you are able. It declares the truth so powerfully. You are NOT defined by the wreckage of your past. You ARE a child of the ONE TRUE KING. Declare it today my friends!! Click on the link below and turn up your […]

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Grace in the Crazy! I am back…

So much life has happened in the last several days and I’m just beginning to feel like a human again. There has been so much grace in the crazy of my life in the last few weeks… My daughter came home from her mission trip full of stories of God’s amazing grace as He used […]

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Saturday Hush

Good morning.  It’s a quiet, rainy day on the farm. My husband is playing piano while our little girl plays violin. “Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee…”  yes we do… Bread is in the toaster waiting to be slathered with something yummy. Water is heating for tea. No one has to be anywhere today. My mom […]

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