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Singularity {A review}

Singularity is a bit of a mind-bender. I couldn’t help but think of some of the movies I’ve watched that contain elements of artificial intelligence gone wrong. I have to admit they make me long for the rapture ASAP!! Jevin Banks is a magician, an honest profession he says, they say they are going to […]

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The Exodus Road {review and give-away}

When I was at Allume we heard an amazing story about a couple who decided to do something about human trafficking. I agreed to blog about their work because the story of a little girl begging to be rescued captured my heart. I cannot imagine what I would do, what lengths I would go to […]

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Christmas at Harmony Hill…a review

  Heather is not a weak-willed woman. No, she has been following her husband along the road that the army forces him on as a washer-woman. Now, she is expecting their child and the cold, barren warfront is not the place to birth a baby. So her dear husband, Gideon, sends her home. Only home […]

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Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dream {a review}

For over a year now I have been part of an amazing family of sisters who comprise The God-Sized Dream Team. We were only supposed to be together for about six months to help promote Holley’s book You Were Made for a God-sized Dream. We did that but the journey together just doesn’t stop when […]

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A Million Little Ways {book review and give-away}

Author: Emily P. Freeman Publisher: Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group Have you bought into a lie that you are not creative because you can’t put things on your mantlepiece with style? No one is pinning your artwork? You can’t carry a tune in a bucket? You’re just a mom/secretary/teacher/lab technician/___________? The truth is […]

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A Week of Reviews

I am sitting here with my ipad and my pc, both of which are giving me every kind of grief imaginable. I am doing my utmost to get a whole week of review and give-away items up here on the old blog and neither machine is being very cooperative! Welcome to my week in reviews! […]

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Return to Me {A Review}

A broken people who feel they’ve been forgotten by their God. A broken down city and temple. And a promise. That promise is finally being fulfilled but at what cost? Iddo’s family is going back to Jerusalem after all these years, just like the prophets said, but not all of his family has come, just […]

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Review: Angels in the Fire

Dann and Tracey Stadler aren’t your every day couple. They have endured enormous heartbreak and tragedy and yet are a testimony to God’s grace. Angels in the Fire is the story of their incredible rescue. Rather than taking their lives in a head-on collision, an incredible rescue has enabled them to continue to tell the […]

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Book Review: {Deadly Devotion}

Sandra Orchard’s new book Deadly Devotion‘s plot line is focused on tea, truth and it’s set in Canada AND it’s a mystery – what’s not to like!!?  I can’t help but endorse a fellow Canadian, however, you’ll want to grab a copy of the book for some great pool-side reading this summer! Kate Adams is […]

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Review: {Stealing the Preacher}

I have to admit I picked Stealing the Preacher because of the title.  It caught my interest and I decided to review it even though I’m not much of a romance reader.  I do like things set in history and Stealing the Preacher is in the heart of the wild west and my husband is […]

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