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A New Thing (and a guest post)!

My sweet Sam has  started a new thing! He is writing his very own blog, Life of a Highschool Homeschooler. This would imply that he is planning to homeschool into his high school years which may, in fact, be the best route for that guy. That boy is a voracious reader and picked up one […]

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Murder at the Courthouse {a review}

I enjoy A.H. Gabhart’s writing. She has a free and easy style that is enjoyable and perfect for a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket!   A mysterious body winds up on the courthouse steps one day and the local law enforcement is beholden to figure things out. Then the […]

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The Road to Becoming {a review}

You know that feeling when you aren’t expecting to like something and then you are pleasantly surprised? Yeah, that happened. It was a good thing. I got Jenny Simmons book, The Road to Becoming and thought, “What can a thirty-something-mother-of-one teach me about becoming?” Yes, I was that judgemental and I am happy to say […]

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a disappointment you can avoid {review}

I’m thinking that just maybe God is trying to tell me something! It seems like all the books that come to me for review are joining together to form a whole pictures of things I need to know. Once again, one of the books I’m reviewing slides right into this disappointment discussion. This one is […]

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Day 5 – Bathsheba {a review}

You might be thinking, “What is a book review doing in the middle of a series on disappointment and desire?” And I will tell you, “Because it perfectly illustrates the point of this whole thing!” Bathsheba, Angela Hunt is a telling of the well-known story of David’s indiscretions perpetrated on Bathsheba. I love Hunt’s writing […]

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90 Minutes in Heaven {a review}

The good people at Graf-Martin Communications sent me to the movies the other day! I hadn’t heard of ’90 Minutes in Heaven’ but my husband had read the book and was quite excited to accompany me. 90 Minutes in Heaven is the New York Times bestseller and inspiring true story of Don Piper’s death, time in […]

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The Memory Weaver {a review}

This blog is going to be a busy place for the next while so be prepared!! I’m excited about what’s coming up so I hope you are too! Today I want to tell you about a book I just finished reading, supplied by the good people at Graf-Martin Communications and Baker Book House. I love […]

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Trial Run {a review}

It’s late at night and I should probably be going to bed. But late at night is the time when I usually get to read and this book will definitely keep you up into the ‘wee sma’s’. Trial Run by Thomas Locke (aka Davis Bunn) is a sci-fi thriller with some quantum theory thrown in […]

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Road Trip Reading {Reviews}

One of the great things about road trips is that if you aren’t driving you have plenty of time to sit there and read! Since I had received happy mail just a week prior to us leaving for BC I had plenty of reading material! I have two books to recommend to you. In Good […]

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Summer Reviews…

I am trying to take more time to read this summer. Switch my gaze from a screen to paper. A lot of my friends read on their devices but for me there is something wonderful about a physical book to hold in my hands. I kinda love it. I am thankful for the relationship that […]

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