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Reclaiming the Word

It’s Tuesday morning and the sun is sparkling behind the clouds and trees. It’s Tuesday morning and three kids have been on the bus for half an hour, one kid is in the shower, one may still be in bed and one didn’t come home last night. (Update: she was in bed…late for school…grumpy) It’s […]

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letting hope rise {FMF}

I need HOPE to rise again. Hope has been beaten down and left in the dust. *kids making hurtful choices *my son’s lack of purpose or desire to do anything positive *plumbers whose goal seems to be wrecking our house *same guy who steals thousands of dollars *weight going up on the scale instead of […]

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The Best Medicine

Last night I happened upon a super funny post on Facebook. It hit my funny bone. HARD!!! I have not laughed that hard in YEARS people. It felt enormously good to just let all my bits jiggle as I giggled…and giggled…and snorted…and tears streamed down my face. “A merry heart does good like a medicine.” […]

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Done talking

So I think I’m going to give up talking. It just seems to be a lot of work and getting me nowhere at the moment. Our life continues to go from crazy to crazy-ER!! We started this little reno project a couple of months ago and it has taken over our entire house. I still […]

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Grace, the crazy kind…

Grace. Sometimes I think we push away from grace. Grace shows us just how weak we really are. I am prone to despise what I need most, exercise being a case in point. I need to exercise, I can’t do too much because it whacks out my adrenal glands if I overdo it. I am […]

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Reclaiming a Quilted Life

After I signed off last week I totally reclaimed my house! Cleaned it and felt good at the end of the day. All the Christmas stuff is packed away minus a few snowmen that get to stay out until the white stuff melts. Frosty is a good friend and I can’t send him off too […]

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It’s Tuesday again!! Yay! I like Tuesdays. For one thing, they aren’t Mondays! On Tuesdays I want to talk about this idea of RECLAIMING, RECLAMATION. I like to go to the dictionary to see what Merriam-Webster has to say about it. Here’s their definition. re·claim verb \ri-ˈklām\ : to get back (something that was lost or […]

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Reclaiming FMF : {Welcome}

I let FMF (five minute friday) go for awhile. When I started the October 31 day challenge it just didn’t fit in with what I was writing at the time and I didn’t want to interupt the flow of the book I was posting (click on the Alphabet Soup tab if you’re wondering what I’m […]

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Reclamation Project #1

See that sparkly little bit on my nose? My daughter and I went together to get our noses pierced one crisp Saturday in November. We were a little nervous and kinda excited at the prospect. I’ve always thought they looked so nice on my friends that had them. Unfortunately I encountered some issues with mine. […]

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Reclaiming the World One Red Boot at a Time

It’s the first Tuesday of the new year. That should be celebrated don’t ya think? YAY! IT’S TUESDAY!!!!!! Okay, enough of that frivolity! The new year is SERIOUS business. I’m supposed to be making resolutions, starting revolutions, resolving to do stuff, save the world, etc., etc…. I will not be doing any of that. Just […]

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