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Hearing God

I should have known how to hear God.  I was a good Christian girl doing all the good Christian things. I did learn how to hear God… I am guest posting over at my friend Tiffany’s you can read the rest of the post over there!  

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The Laying Down of Christian ‘Things’

The plan around here is that we’ll be talking about the WORD on Wednesdays. This may seem like a natural sort of thing for a good Christian blogger to be doing but I need to give you a little backstory. I have been the good Christian girl all my life, doing the good Christian girl […]

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Happy Birthday to Me! !

Today is my birthday and marks the end of thirty years of ministry! I started working at camp when I was 16 and have been involved in some kind of ministry ever since. There have been three decades of working with children,  youth,  women,  leading small groups and Bible studies. Leading and or playing on […]

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I am…

I left at 10:00 AM yesterday from Greenville where I was a blogger, roommate, friend and sister. 16 hours later I walk into the arms of the man I love, who loves me more  and I am home and I am wife. Seconds after we reconnect I hear the voices of my children. They have […]

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Of Cheesecake and….things…

The following subject matter is not suitable for children. Imagine with me if you will… You are walking to work or chatting with a friend early in the morning. Someone mentions cheesecake. You realize it’s been at least a week or more since you had some really good cheesecake and your mind starts plotting. By […]

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because love covers…

How do you take a nasty breakup filled with guilt, a girl filled with shame from her secret deeds and turn it into something good? Enter God’s amazing grace… God sent a young man into my life who had his own issues but who deeply knew the love of the Father. While I wasn’t sure […]

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Over the Edge

I was in Bible College, I had arrived at the ultimate good girl spot. One of my first classes the prof asked which of us girls wanted to be a pastor’s wife, my hand shot up and I giggled nervously. I was already engaged, I was on my way! It didn’t take long for things […]

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The Hooks are Set

As I grew older the curiosity that was awakened grew, too. That dark part of me wanted more. An adult in my life lent me a book, the same adult that had those magazines in their bathroom.  The same adult who should have known better than to give a young girl books like that to […]

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Something is Awakened…

Childhood is the age of innocence and curiosity, at least it’s supposed to be. My innocence was robbed from me and I didn’t even know it at the time. We frequently visited a home where there was the customary stack of magazines in the bathroom. Being an avid reader I would sift through them and […]

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The Night the Flame Went Out

As a married woman I was still crushed by fear which made me feel ashamed and childish. I’d been a Christian all my life, I knew about the armour of God, I knew about prayer and yet, I was still afraid. There were many nights where I had to call my husband in while I […]

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