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To say that there is a lot going on here at the farm would be an understatement. Cataclysmic change might be more appropriate. I consider myself a pretty good roll-with-the-punches-fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of girl. This season of change has me feeling like I got punched and the flying looks a lot more like crawling along the […]

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Love Sacrifices

There has been a week of silence due to illness but I am back! During that week of being sick on a couch I watched my husband love me in the sacrifices that he made to make sure kids got fed and taken where they needed to go while trying to do his regular work […]

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The Bottom Line

It isn’t exactly good news today. I feel awful. I think I may have caught a cold from my father in law over the phone! I talked to him this morning and he sounded awful…and not long after I hung up…I started feeling awful! So once I got the kids off to piano lessons…I sat […]

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With Thanksgiving…

I sat in the middle of a crowd and worked on my book. My assignment in loving God Friday was to look for Him. It wasn’t hard to find Him in that crowd. I heard Him while I listened to teens tell their friends about someone’s amazing testimony while they stood in the food line. […]

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Value at Value Village

This morning did not start out so well. It was one of those mornings when if everyone had just done what I said, things would have gone so much better. As well, if all my peeps could simply become mind readers the mama might have not blown a gasket this morning. I wasn’t so sure […]

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Use the Gift

Yesterday was Wednesday and is always a busy day with Bible study and dance and homeschool and cooking and all that life on Wednesdays entails. We are going through the Beth Moore study called Breaking Free. Several weeks ago I took over the leadership of the group and we carried on as usual until this […]

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Love Thyself (day 7)

I have to admit I’m not actually sure what day we’re on now…maybe 6? I believe Lent started last Wednesday…I should probably keep track! If you are new to the blog and wondering why the post titles keep repeating themselves…I’m on a quest to give over to God by actively seeking Him, asking Him daily, […]

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Loving Lent

Today’s assignment was harder than I thought it would be. It shouldn’t have been, it didn’t seem like a really big deal, it was just exercise, taking care of myself. I can love God by taking care of myself. It’s not like I don’t know this but I tend not to think about it a […]

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Loving Lent – Day 4 (and 5)

Today I went to host  a tea party for a young lady that was formerly part of our youth group. (I am a independent consultant for Steeped Tea, FYI). As I drove I asked The Question, “How am I to love you today?” There was no long conversation like yesterday, just the sense that wherever […]

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Day 3 of Loving Lent and it happens to tie in with Five Minute Friday so…YAY!! I had to bake bread today. We eat a lot of bread. As I was standing at the mixer it was one of those rare moments when all the children were occupied doing something they were supposed to be […]

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