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God is Committed to the Middle

I’m participating in this beautiful curation project called Meet Me In the Middle. Where is God in the middle of things? ┬áThat question seems to pop up alot. Sometimes it seems like He isn’t around, that this thing we’re going through won’t ever be finished. The scriptures say that He is faithful to complete what […]

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What thanks does….

My girl told me I did a really bad job of posting from my phone on Monday. I must confess I proofread nothing! ┬áJust hit publish and called it good. I am less ‘not myself’ today so there should be less weirdness. ..I hope! We are still sitting in Winnipeg waiting for things to happen. […]

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All the spiritual blessings…

It’s Wednesday, late in the afternoon and I am finally getting to writing this post! My kiddos were mostly sick all weekend and I wasn’t feeling super perky myself but we are on the mend…mostly. I still have two that aren’t doing so well. Grace, grace, God’s grace!! My dryer just signaled it was done… […]

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The Laying Down of Christian ‘Things’

The plan around here is that we’ll be talking about the WORD on Wednesdays. This may seem like a natural sort of thing for a good Christian blogger to be doing but I need to give you a little backstory. I have been the good Christian girl all my life, doing the good Christian girl […]

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