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CONTINUE…the ‘one word’ for 2017

It was a dark and stormy night up in the mountains. The new year was almost upon me and I still hadn’t found my ‘one word’ for the year. There had been a few auditions but nothing was really cutting it. The next day I decided I’d start working on my new planner while the […]

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The question running through my heart today is this… Will I be enough? Tomorrow we are going to provide door-to-door valet service for our son from Winnipeg hospital to a Saskatoon hospital. We will be responsible for his care and ensuring that he gets his medications and that we don’t do any further damage to […]

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What thanks does….

My girl told me I did a really bad job of posting from my phone on Monday. I must confess I proofread nothing!  Just hit publish and called it good. I am less ‘not myself’ today so there should be less weirdness. ..I hope! We are still sitting in Winnipeg waiting for things to happen. […]

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The Road to Becoming {a review}

You know that feeling when you aren’t expecting to like something and then you are pleasantly surprised? Yeah, that happened. It was a good thing. I got Jenny Simmons book, The Road to Becoming and thought, “What can a thirty-something-mother-of-one teach me about becoming?” Yes, I was that judgemental and I am happy to say […]

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When Your Body Betrays You

God has an ironic sense of humour. Perhaps you knew that already. I had this post in my head about a week ago. It was supposed to be about all my brave friends who are battling life-altering things, but He thought it might be better for me to live it out on a small scale. […]

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Day 2 – Hope’s What We Crave

Life is often disappointing. We desire something but it is delayed or denied and we are disappointed. Hope flies and we are left standing empty. I am sure I am not alone in my familiarity with disappointment. It might be as simple as missing the bus or as deep as the longing for a child to […]

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Day 1 – An Introduction to Disappointment and Desire – Holding On to Hope

Hi there, I’m so glad you’re here today on day one of this series. If you don’t want to miss anything I’d suggest you subscribe and every post will be delivered to your inbox. Would you pray with me that the words that come out my fingertips would be an encouragement to you and everyone […]

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Into the Deep

  This post was originally going to be a post and then I got brave and told our pastor that maybe I had something to share …. sometime. I told him that after the service on Sunday, on Tuesday he called and said, “How about THIS Sunday.” After a small panic attack and several phone […]

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