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New Things

What’s new for 2018? A New Community I joined the iBloom Community. They are an encouraging, Jesus-loving group of women who want to see you succeed in every way! I love these ladies! I met a few of them at a conference I was at a while ago and got their planner – what a […]

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Present {FMF}

Present. That’s all we can be at the moment. Just here. We can’t change dressings or IVs or administer pain medications. But we can be here. Moving trays closer, handing over a laptop or getting more ice water or hot water, mixing a good cup of tea. In the next day or two we will […]

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What thanks does….

My girl told me I did a really bad job of posting from my phone on Monday. I must confess I proofread nothing! ┬áJust hit publish and called it good. I am less ‘not myself’ today so there should be less weirdness. ..I hope! We are still sitting in Winnipeg waiting for things to happen. […]

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There was a post….

I am attempting to post from the hospital room of my eldest son 9 hours away from home. My heart is split in two as my next oldest has to deal with hard stuff and I am not able to be with both of them. Josiah was having fun sledding with his school pals on […]

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Happy New Year everyone! I am going to let optimism reign supreme today. I will not let 2016 be dictated by a nasty encounter with dog poo and an offensive scale! Yeah, it didn’t get ushered in so well, but that is not how things are going to go. Last time I introduced you to […]

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