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In need of a little grace….

I thought I would pop into this space and let you know that it might be a little quiet for awhile. I have some things to deal with so I hope you understand… In the next few weeks we will: – start homeschooling 5 kids…haven’t done all of them at one time before so this […]

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Why I MUST believe in Redemption

If I don’t believe in redemption, that God is able and absolutely will redeem, then… My past is pointless. My present is unendurable. My future is unthinkable. My God is able and absolutely will redeem.

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A Fresh Start

Blogging can be a very vulnerable business, particularly for those of us who are personal bloggers. We throw out bits and pieces of our lives and thoughts for anyone coming by to comment on. My former blog, ‘fresh flowers’ was started to keep an archive of my writing, I didn’t want to lose it all […]

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Becoming a Son-Worshipper

I am pulling out a post from the archives of my old blog. I’ll leave an update on the bottom…you’ll see what I mean! Becoming a Son-Worshipper ©2005, Lani Wiens a fresh flowers original A flower popped up in my shower this morning. My feet looked like they were really dirty but when I got down […]

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We are covered by His crazy grace…

This morning hasn’t gone the way I thought. There was a crisis and hurting hearts needed counsel and a listening ear. We needed to remember this morning that God knows our hearts and loves us anyway. We needed to remember that no matter the size of the disappointment or sin God’s sacrifice is bigger. So […]

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Why do we hunger for beauty?

Why did God bother making flowers? Yes there uses for many of them in medicines, teas and cosmetics, but not all of them. Greenhouse operators send us home every spring with baskets of posies to put in our dirt, collectively, they are making millions of dollars off of our hunger for beauty. For over six […]

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Saturday Hush

Good morning.  It’s a quiet, rainy day on the farm. My husband is playing piano while our little girl plays violin. “Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee…”  yes we do… Bread is in the toaster waiting to be slathered with something yummy. Water is heating for tea. No one has to be anywhere today. My mom […]

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When You Get Bit

What happens when that thing you’re gifted at comes back and bites you?   One of my gifts is exhortation – the ability to counsel and advise people toward righteous living –  however, when turned on myself I can point out what’s wrong with me faster than the proverbial speeding bullet. There’s nothing wrong with […]

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a crazy-grace-full moment

God’s crazy grace showed up again this weekend.  I call His grace crazy because it doesn’t make sense to me.  It’s way off the map of logical.  This weekend it looked like this… – take a really tired, unprepared ministry couple who finished seeding at noon and throw them into a camp with a bunch […]

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