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Done talking

So I think I’m going to give up talking. It just seems to be a lot of work and getting me nowhere at the moment. Our life continues to go from crazy to crazy-ER!! We started this little reno project a couple of months ago and it has taken over our entire house. I still […]

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Grace, the crazy kind…

Grace. Sometimes I think we push away from grace. Grace shows us just how weak we really are. I am prone to despise what I need most, exercise being a case in point. I need to exercise, I can’t do too much because it whacks out my adrenal glands if I overdo it. I am […]

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Community that Heals

It’s Thursday and I think I’ve finally recovered from a wonderful weekend spent with a community of people that we go way back with. Those people who will be our friends for the rest of our lives unless we do something stupid, like quit talking to them or something. Not likely to happen! My husband […]

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November Ramblings

The last few weeks sent us through a whirlwind of emotions and activity trying to find our footing again. It wasn’t all bad stuff but it left us wrung out and fierce tired. 1. We moved our oldest son back in. He was out at the farm keeping watch over our flocks by night when […]

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In or out of sync?

This little ballet feels a little like what my life has always been like… Just a little out of step. Going left when everyone is going right. Doing my own thing while everyone else is together doing the ‘right’ thing. Yes. It felt just a little too close to home. And it was sweet, too, […]

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Grace-deprived (fsw & fmf)

There isn’t enough for me. There never has been. Probably there never will be. I can give grace to others but I don’t deserve any. Any of that sound familiar? These are lies that I have believed and often still struggle with. I tend to be grace-deprived. Not because God hasn’t given it freely I […]

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Two worlds (not a sci-fi tale!)

We took our first few steps up the mountain of transition this weekend. After work on Friday we packed up our bus (and truck) and headed into the city to camp out, stake our claim and take back our space. It wasn’t quite the glorious re-entry that I had hoped for. In fact it was […]

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What I learned climbing up a mountain…

It is Thursday and we are having conversations about Spiritual Whitespace. Unfortunately, my book has displaced itself! We are supposed to be on Chapter 3. I am going to send you over to the author’s blog to read and join in there today and hopefully, the book will have shown up by next week! CLICK […]

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FMF {Bloom}

Friday!! FMF time. Five minutes of non-edited writing in a community of wonderful writers/bloggers. Lisa Jo Baker started this thing and it has taken on a real life wonderful-ness that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in at Allume. If you’re going this year make sure you take time for that little side event! 🙂 […]

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Being still…my faith wrestle.

There is a large chunk of me that doesn’t believe that all this will actually happen. My worst-case-scenario brain has already braced itself for disappointment, failure and re-arrangement. I dislike that I’m so prepped to be disappointed. I would like to be the person who is believing and anticipating the best but I’m afraid I’m […]

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