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A Community of Dreamers …posting at God-Sized Dreams today

There we were, sitting around the table at the farm eating lunch. My husband was away hanging out with the prayer community at Breakforth (it’s a huge equipping event in Canada). The kids and I had decided it would be fun to head to the farm for the weekend and chill. My son brought his […]

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Day 9 – Anticipating Disappointment

Do you anticipate disappointment? May I have a show of hands? Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this. It’s sad but true. Next week I am heading to South Carolina to join with about 400 other blogger/writer women who love Jesus at the Allume conference. I will be hanging out in […]

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A Best Yes (five minute friday on a monday)

Yesterday I did something for the first time. A week ago I said yes to something the Lord directed me to do and it positioned me in a place that I’ve been wanting to go in a long time. I started walking out a dream. I’ve wanted to be a speaker for a very long […]

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Happy Birthday to Me! !

Today is my birthday and marks the end of thirty years of ministry! I started working at camp when I was 16 and have been involved in some kind of ministry ever since. There have been three decades of working with children,  youth,  women,  leading small groups and Bible studies. Leading and or playing on […]

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Looking for Whitespace and getting Un-Lost

I have written vague blog posts. There are rumours flying and people in the dark. So for those who want to know…here is the whole story. *I am linked up to Five-Minute-Friday and I will admit this is going to take way more than 5 minutes to write (or read) today, so if you’re here…from […]

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Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dream {a review}

For over a year now I have been part of an amazing family of sisters who comprise The God-Sized Dream Team. We were only supposed to be together for about six months to help promote Holley’s book You Were Made for a God-sized Dream. We did that but the journey together just doesn’t stop when […]

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The Wisdom of this Earth

James’ words cut through my heart this morning. Where does my wisdom come from? I think it wise to renovate and buy new things and try this weight loss method? Why? Because perhaps I’m jealous of her new kitchen or their beautiful floors. Perhaps I want to do those things so that I can prove […]

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The Dog Kennel of Dream Destroyers and Happy News!!

It’s Tuesday and though I haven’t done it for awhile, I felt like it was a day to talk about God-sized dreams. In November I applied to be part of a God-sized dream team. We were going to get together to talk about and support each other in our dreams and to launch Holley Gerth’s […]

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