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Looking for Whitespace and getting Un-Lost

I have written vague blog posts. There are rumours flying and people in the dark. So for those who want to know…here is the whole story. *I am linked up to Five-Minute-Friday and I will admit this is going to take way more than 5 minutes to write (or read) today, so if you’re here…from […]

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A time to release…{FMF}

“I need a drop of grace to carry me today, A simple song to sing.” This song by King and Country speaks so much to where I am at now… We have been through great upheaval here on the farm, the anxiety and stress have pushed me far closer to the edge then I care […]

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The Messenger {FMF}

I’ve been waiting for a divine messenger to show up with a quaint scroll in hand that would outline exactly what we are supposed to be doing. No one has shown up… But there has been a message that has slowly bloomed in front of us and I believe I might have started breathing again. […]

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Day 3 of Loving Lent and it happens to tie in with Five Minute Friday so…YAY!! I had to bake bread today. We eat a lot of bread. As I was standing at the mixer it was one of those rare moments when all the children were occupied doing something they were supposed to be […]

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FMF {Write}

There is a brave community of people who sit together at screens and journals on Fridays to write, unedited, unfettered for just 5 minutes. Wegather up those words and link them together in community at Lisa Jo Baker’s home. We encourage one another and today’s prompt was:   WRITE GO! To write is to bleed […]

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Encouragement Links {FMF}

First Five Minute Friday of the year for me! I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am by the online communities that I am part of. I have had the privilege of meeting many of them in real life and am honored to call them friends. One of those communities is the Five […]

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A Long Love (FMF)

It isn’t hard to find something to write about when you’re given a word like Reflect in a week where you buried a sweet, 98 year old woman who has loved well. That dear lady was my husband’s grandma. We gathered to celebrate her this week. Her life is a long love in one direction. […]

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I Want to Fly {fmf}

Five Minute Friday, a time to turn off the inner editor and just let the words flow. Join us here for a lovely time of community and writing liberty. Today’s prompt: FLY GO… I probably look more like the ‘typical’ stay-at-home mom than I normally do right now. No make-up, pyjama pants that I’ve been […]

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FMF- all this crazy grace

My life is always in need of grace, crazy amounts of it, hence the title of this blog! Trying to write this produced two interruptions phone call! This last week held an abundance of great teaching, but there were two things that kinda there me. First-God ALWAYS gives us more than we can handle. […]

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fmf live from Allume {together}

Five Minute Friday LIVE TOGETHER GO… We are here, we are here, we are here! All the Whos down in Whoville needed every single voice, together to make themselves heard, not one voice could be missing or they would perish. The world needs all our voices, each and every one to be heard, to share […]

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