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{FMF} Work…

Today is Friday and I haven’t participated in a Five-Minute Friday (FMF) for many moons, but today I decided to give it a go. FMF is five minutes of free writing on a particular prompt. It is also a community of people who do this together, so I’ll link up with Kate and the others. […]

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My Best Girls (fmf)

I’m on the road. Posting from my phone. Participating in the Five Minute Friday community today because… It is time. It is time to get back on the horse.  Today’s prompt is team and I am on the road with my best girls and we have been a team this week. We climbed the side […]

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Present {FMF}

Present. That’s all we can be at the moment. Just here. We can’t change dressings or IVs or administer pain medications. But we can be here. Moving trays closer, handing over a laptop or getting more ice water or hot water, mixing a good cup of tea. In the next day or two we will […]

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A Best Yes (five minute friday on a monday)

Yesterday I did something for the first time. A week ago I said yes to something the Lord directed me to do and it positioned me in a place that I’ve been wanting to go in a long time. I started walking out a dream. I’ve wanted to be a speaker for a very long […]

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letting hope rise {FMF}

I need HOPE to rise again. Hope has been beaten down and left in the dust. *kids making hurtful choices *my son’s lack of purpose or desire to do anything positive *plumbers whose goal seems to be wrecking our house *same guy who steals thousands of dollars *weight going up on the scale instead of […]

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Reclaiming FMF : {Welcome}

I let FMF (five minute friday) go for awhile. When I started the October 31 day challenge it just didn’t fit in with what I was writing at the time and I didn’t want to interupt the flow of the book I was posting (click on the Alphabet Soup tab if you’re wondering what I’m […]

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Grace-deprived (fsw & fmf)

There isn’t enough for me. There never has been. Probably there never will be. I can give grace to others but I don’t deserve any. Any of that sound familiar? These are lies that I have believed and often still struggle with. I tend to be grace-deprived. Not because God hasn’t given it freely I […]

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  It’s Friday again so here I am joining the flash mob of writers who bravely take five minutes of unedited writing and throw it out there for the world to see. Today’s prompt: FINISH GO. I am staring down finish lines all over the place right now. I was caught up short at the […]

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FMF {Bloom}

Friday!! FMF time. Five minutes of non-edited writing in a community of wonderful writers/bloggers. Lisa Jo Baker started this thing and it has taken on a real life wonderful-ness that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in at Allume. If you’re going this year make sure you take time for that little side event! 🙂 […]

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fmf: {belong}

I saw the prompt this morning and I’ve been thinking about it all day. We are in this season of transition where we don’t really belong anywhere. We are leaving here, even if it is temporary. But we are not yet there. Friends on both sides are anticipating, on one side – our coming, on […]

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