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Left Behind…

I have to admit I’ve sort of avoided this space for the last few weeks. Real life has been hard and edgy and not very much fun, throw mother’s day in there and I just wanted to hide in the back of my closet. I thought I was sleeping in (a perk of homeschooling) and […]

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I Delight in Her!

I had my last every 7 year old hug last night. My baby girl turns 8 today and it just seems so much older than 7. She is the one who actually kinda looks like me! She loves to craft and sew and read and be helpful. She is my sweet ray of sunshine that […]

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Value at Value Village

This morning did not start out so well. It was one of those mornings when if everyone had just done what I said, things would have gone so much better. As well, if all my peeps could simply become mind readers the mama might have not blown a gasket this morning. I wasn’t so sure […]

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I Will Declare

  The holidays took us to Florida – a 40 hour van ride one way (the equivalent of one full work week…and we had to come back, think about that for just a moment)! The kids did well and we had a lovely time visiting with friends along the way there and back and hanging […]

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A Long Love (FMF)

It isn’t hard to find something to write about when you’re given a word like Reflect in a week where you buried a sweet, 98 year old woman who has loved well. That dear lady was my husband’s grandma. We gathered to celebrate her this week. Her life is a long love in one direction. […]

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Time be a’ticking away…

Good morning!! It’s another day in my crazy world and I’ve been all over the internet and phone lines already this morning and it’s only 10 AM! I’ve been talking about discipline this week. Something I am not terribly great at but the Lord and I are walking this road grace-fully together. Next week we […]

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Grace in the Crazy! I am back…

So much life has happened in the last several days and I’m just beginning to feel like a human again. There has been so much grace in the crazy of my life in the last few weeks… My daughter came home from her mission trip full of stories of God’s amazing grace as He used […]

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on routines, rewards and My Job Chart…

I will confess that I don’t like being bound by routines, schedules, rules or charts. Yet I know that I desperately need them to stay on top of things. I will also confess that I can slip into ‘quadrant 4’ type activities like a little greased piggy!! You know what I’m talking about – just […]

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In Celebration of My Love

My love, the one who calls me wife and honey and sweetheart is marking the anniversary of his birth today. In a world where it has become expected that we are negative about our spouses I would like to go against the norms and honor my man. How do I love thee? Let me count […]

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Summer Love {10 things I love about the season}

To be fair to the season, I thought I should post at least 10 things that I actually LIKE about summer. Just in case you’re wondering why I’d make such a statement…the truth is…I am NOT a fan of summer time. But today is not the time to tell you why, because I am choosing […]

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