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A Piece of the Puzzle

It was a three-puzzle Christmas. One didn’t get completed. We’ll have to break it out when we get home. Puzzles have been a theme in my world since the middle of November. It started at the Belong Summit. Puzzle pieces were the theme of the decorations, reminding the participants that we each have a part […]

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Recycling 7’s

I wrote this post a long time ago, back in my Fresh Flowers days where it seems I had a lot more that I was willing to say in the blog-o-sphere than I am now.  It popped up as a ‘memory’ in my Facebook feed and as I read it I was reminded me of […]

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My Best Girls (fmf)

I’m on the road. Posting from my phone. Participating in the Five Minute Friday community today because… It is time. It is time to get back on the horse.  Today’s prompt is team and I am on the road with my best girls and we have been a team this week. We climbed the side […]

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Coloring Books!

They are everywhere!! Adult Coloring Books have been ‘the thing to do/be/have’ these last few months. I have to admit I succumbed and all my kids got them for Christmas.  We even had a coloring party as we sat around the table on Christmas Eve after we opened presents, it was really quite lovely. (I […]

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What thanks does….

My girl told me I did a really bad job of posting from my phone on Monday. I must confess I proofread nothing!  Just hit publish and called it good. I am less ‘not myself’ today so there should be less weirdness. ..I hope! We are still sitting in Winnipeg waiting for things to happen. […]

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Things I Learned in August

School starts tomorrow. Huge breath in.  And out. We are going back into the home-school realm and this is good. (Not my high-schoolers though – not this year!). #1  One thing I learned this August is that I need to be true to who God created me to be. Even though there are things that […]

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Doing It Right on the Wrong Side of Town

We were on vacation recently. Road tripping through the beautiful Canadian west from Saskatoon to Victoria and beyond! We only had three kids with us so it felt kinda weird. Probably what ‘normal’ families feel like most of the time. We only needed one hotel room and people were far more willing to let us […]

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The Drama Queen wishes to abdicate…

Yeah, I do! I love drama, really I do! There’s nothing like a great character to sink your teeth into and have fun with on a stage, however, this is not the kind of drama I am talking about. I am talking about renovations and non-trustworthy plumbers and kids off the rails and decision making […]

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Journeys: The Long and Short

The Long of it… On Saturday we got to go and witness the joining of two very happy hearts. I’ve known that girl since she was a camper in my cabin a couple of decades ago. It was a long road to get to where she stood on Saturday becoming a Mrs. We hugged and […]

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Sam I am is 12~

He’s the quiet one and yet he has a megaphone of a voice. He is a piece of my heart like no one else. Born a little early with a defect in his heart and now 12 years old and full of ideas for wild inventions! I am proud to be his mom. This is […]

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