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Grace, the crazy kind…

Grace. Sometimes I think we push away from grace. Grace shows us just how weak we really are. I am prone to despise what I need most, exercise being a case in point. I need to exercise, I can’t do too much because it whacks out my adrenal glands if I overdo it. I am […]

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2014 – a year of declaration

de·clare diˈkler/ verb 1. say something in a solemn and emphatic manner. “he declared that he never revises his prose” synonyms: proclaim, announce, state, reveal, air, voice, articulate, express, vent, set forth, publicize, broadcast; More formally announce the beginning of (a state or condition). “Spain declared war on Britain in 1796” synonyms: assert, maintain, state, affirm, […]

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With Thanksgiving…

I sat in the middle of a crowd and worked on my book. My assignment in loving God Friday was to look for Him. It wasn’t hard to find Him in that crowd. I heard Him while I listened to teens tell their friends about someone’s amazing testimony while they stood in the food line. […]

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What I Learned While Watching ‘Once Upon a Time’

I was only recently introduced to the phenomenon that is ‘Once Upon a Time’. It had been suggested to me when the series first started but since we are weirdos who don’t have satellite or pvr’s or even cable…I never watched it. Until this week! I was pretty hooked from the get go. I love […]

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I Will Declare

  The holidays took us to Florida – a 40 hour van ride one way (the equivalent of one full work week…and we had to come back, think about that for just a moment)! The kids did well and we had a lovely time visiting with friends along the way there and back and hanging […]

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