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I didn’t mean to leave you all high and dry the second the challenge was over. All I can say is, “Thank you God for the ability and foresight for scheduled posts.” While my series was merrily trucking to an end all on its scheduled self. Our world, that one that I was writing about, […]

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The End of Things (resources)

Here we are at the end of this series. Thank you for coming with me on this journey. For some reading this has been a starting point and for others it is part of a continuation. I want to close this out by giving you some resources that I, or others, have found helpful in […]

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Where to begin…

One thing that is common to every family that deals with disabilities is the need for help. It may be help as minor as a listening, non-judgemental ear, it may be as huge as modifications to the home and specially equipped vehicles. In my own experience it isn’t easy to get the help that we […]

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What NOT to say (or think)

I am going to make the assumption that you are reading these posts because you know someone that has a child with hidden disabilities. You may have never even seen the behaviours your friend has described because all you’ve ever seen is a charming, pleasant, polite girl or boy that you can’t image throwing anything […]

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Survival Techniques

Our son became ours permanently when he was just about two and a half. We know that some issues were present before he was taken away but we are convinced that much of the damage occurred in the seven months that he wasn’t with us. Over the thirteen years that we’ve parented him we have […]

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Super Hero Coping Strategies

While life inside our walls can be dramatic, sometimes surreal and on occasion ‘normal’, there is plenty of life that happens outside our walls. These events are approached very differently for the family with a child with a hidden disability. I am going to share some examples of how we cope from our family experiences. […]

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The Weight of the World (as we know it)

The families whose stories I share would not consider themselves normal. Of course, they don’t consider themselves super-heroes either. We completely normalize the things we do each day and it becomes our ‘normal’. It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between regular, childhood or adolescent behaviour. We don’t react to things the same way […]

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Some real possibilities…

Those of us who are living with or parenting a hidden disability, lived through trauma or tragedy are maybe, just a little, sticking a toe over into the super-hero category. I say that because it often feels like we have to don a cape and fly to the rescue over and over again. An observer […]

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Soup Label = PTSD

PTSD – (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Medical Definition from: “A child who has experienced or witnessed a traumatic incident can suffer from severe anxiety problems that exhibit themselves after the trauma has occurred. Angry outbursts, nightmares and anxious behaviours are prevalent that were not there prior to the trauma. These behaviours can inhibit social […]

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Soup Label = Brain Trauma

Many hidden disabilities come as a result as some sort of trauma that occurs post birth. Cooper’s story is one example of how a post birth traumatic event resulted in a permanent hidden disability. Other culprits might be stroke, traumatic incident or accident. While some children may have pre-cursors to a hidden disability (genetic disorders) […]

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