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Day 9 – Anticipating Disappointment

Do you anticipate disappointment? May I have a show of hands? Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this. It’s sad but true. Next week I am heading to South Carolina to join with about 400 other blogger/writer women who love Jesus at the Allume conference. I will be hanging out in […]

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Gathered In…My Gift to Me

You don’t get to come back unchanged. When you have been around people who influence, love and lift up you can’t help but let it sink in and become a part of you. I watched a brave, beautiful soul gift us with a hospitality that was completely unlike mine. So gentle and easy and tasty. […]

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Encouragement Links {FMF}

First Five Minute Friday of the year for me! I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am by the online communities that I am part of. I have had the privilege of meeting many of them in real life and am honored to call them friends. One of those communities is the Five […]

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The Exodus Road {review and give-away}

When I was at Allume we heard an amazing story about a couple who decided to do something about human trafficking. I agreed to blog about their work because the story of a little girl begging to be rescued captured my heart. I cannot imagine what I would do, what lengths I would go to […]

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A Million Little Ways {book review and give-away}

Author: Emily P. Freeman Publisher: Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group Have you bought into a lie that you are not creative because you can’t put things on your mantlepiece with style? No one is pinning your artwork? You can’t carry a tune in a bucket? You’re just a mom/secretary/teacher/lab technician/___________? The truth is […]

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The music in me…

Frustration laces his voice as he tells me why he can’t finish practicing. The piece is too hard. The book is messed up. He can’t do it. I listened to him playing “He Leadeth Me” like a drill sergeant just a little while earlier as I was allowing my body to rest and recover from […]

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Birthing Me…

I am having contractions. I am squeezed and tight and I can hardly breathe. I should have known it was coming, there have been little contractions that I haven’t taken much notice of but this, this is the real deal, I can tell. Which means only one thing. The pain and trauma and joy of […]

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the Katharine doll

One year ago I met one of the sweetest Canadians ever. She blogs over Just a Thought and she is my friend. We met online and then in real life at Allume last year. We were all part of a big group called Better Writers and then a little group of us branched off and […]

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fmf live from Allume {together}

Five Minute Friday LIVE TOGETHER GO… We are here, we are here, we are here! All the Whos down in Whoville needed every single voice, together to make themselves heard, not one voice could be missing or they would perish. The world needs all our voices, each and every one to be heard, to share […]

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When You Are On the Dock…

On October 1 the Nester’s 31 Day blogging challenge ship sailed without me.  I was so sure I had a ticket for that ship but God said, “No, not now.” For the first week that the link up was still open I wrestled with the decision I had made, knowing it was the right one […]

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