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I have to admit that at first I figured this chick wouldn’t know what she was talking about. After all she has a steady husband, only three kids, no serious health problems. What could she know?

A lot, apparently.

She knows what coming apart looks like and what she needed to do to get her nose back above water so that she could breathe again. Military life, overseas moving, war zones, twins and stuff like that might just give you some credibility.

The truth is, everyone has a different ‘come apart’ point. In the middle of all my coming apart, this book has been a great relief.

“Things won’t always feel like they do now.”

I remember a friend of mine telling me something very similar just after my miscarriage…’this too will pass.’ Same idea, different words, but true, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

Leeana Tankersley writes with honesty and humanity. She isn’t on a soapbox pretending she has it all together and always will if you just follow her three easy steps to breathe again. Nope. She’s pretty real, handing out grace in big sloppy glops and handing you some tools to help you get on your own team.

All those expectations you’re putting on yourself whether perceived or real aren’t helping you any. Tankersley offers some suggestions to help you get out from under that and just get some space so you can figure out what it is that you actually need.

Many of us got the message somewhere along the way that putting our own needs and care first is an act of selfishness. I’ve come to see it eactly opposite. My capacity to nurture and nourish people I love the most comes out of the overflow of my own health and wll-being. A refusal to put on my own oxygen mask first isn’t sacrificial, it’s sabotage. None of my relationships funciton as they were meant to unless I am willing to first practice revolutionary self-compassion and self-care. (pg 184)

Lots of practical and good stuff in the pages here. If you are in a fragile, coming apart kind of place, do yourself a favour and get a copy! Available at your favourite book sellers!
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