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With six kids, a farm, a ministry and dreams poking out in every direction I need plenty of grace to keep all the balls in the air. The sweet thing is that when I drop them, that crazy grace of God is there telling me I'm still okay...and you are, too...welcome to this place of grace.

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Book Review: {Deadly Devotion}

Sandra Orchard’s new book Deadly Devotion‘s plot line is focused on tea, truth and it’s set in Canada AND it’s a mystery – what’s not to like!!?  I can’t help but endorse a fellow Canadian, however, you’ll want to grab a copy of the book for some great pool-side reading this summer! Kate Adams is […]

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It’s NOT for you!

A few days ago I talked about getting hurt by your own gifting.  But what about when you get hurt by someone else’s? I know this happens far too often. I’ve been in ministry since I was about sixteen and have had many roles.  Teacher, director, leader, pastor, administrator, board member. I’ve seen a lot. […]

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Learn the unforced rhythm of grace…

“Don’t put your macaroni on the wall.” “Take your laundry downstairs.” “Where is the receipt that goes with this entry?” “Is that your cute face?” “No, you’ve already had a treat.” “Tomorrow is a crafty day would you like to come over?” “Do we know how many attendees we can expect?” “How do I figure […]

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When You Get Bit

What happens when that thing you’re gifted at comes back and bites you?   One of my gifts is exhortation – the ability to counsel and advise people toward righteous living –  however, when turned on myself I can point out what’s wrong with me faster than the proverbial speeding bullet. There’s nothing wrong with […]

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What do You say?

Why do you say that? Watch what you say! Did you hear what I said? Yesterday afternoon we were privileged to attend the graduation of one of our youth group members who went to a boarding school this year.  Something the speaker said really spoke to me. What you say to yourself is six times […]

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FMF: {Listen to the Music}

Friday is here which means it is time for 5 Minute Friday. Scroll to the bottom of this post to learn more. My offering today on the prompt:  LISTEN GO I have heard the strident sounds of jealousy, the monotonous tones of the dishwasher humming, the high notes of rain pinging on the roof, the […]

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Review: {Stealing the Preacher}

I have to admit I picked Stealing the Preacher because of the title.  It caught my interest and I decided to review it even though I’m not much of a romance reader.  I do like things set in history and Stealing the Preacher is in the heart of the wild west and my husband is […]

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a crazy-grace-full moment

God’s crazy grace showed up again this weekend.  I call His grace crazy because it doesn’t make sense to me.  It’s way off the map of logical.  This weekend it looked like this… – take a really tired, unprepared ministry couple who finished seeding at noon and throw them into a camp with a bunch […]

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Five Minute Friday: {Falling Into Grace}

This is my first Five Minute Friday in the new space.  If you’re new to me and FMF, let me explain… Five Minute Friday is the brain-child of Lisa Jo.  It’s a free writing exercise.  She posts a prompt and you set your timer for five minutes and go for it.  No pre-planning, no editing, […]

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for days like this…

Oh that I could harness all the amazing post ideas that flit through my head like bees sucking nectar from a….{squirrel} I am usually just one thought away from magnificence, but alas exhaustion overcomes me and I fall into bed trying to…{squirrel} I have three book ideas in my head, one of them is actually […]

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