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With six kids, a farm, a ministry and dreams poking out in every direction I need plenty of grace to keep all the balls in the air. The sweet thing is that when I drop them, that crazy grace of God is there telling me I'm still okay...and you are, too...welcome to this place of grace.

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In Celebration of My Love

My love, the one who calls me wife and honey and sweetheart is marking the anniversary of his birth today. In a world where it has become expected that we are negative about our spouses I would like to go against the norms and honor my man. How do I love thee? Let me count […]

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Saturday Hush

Good morning.  It’s a quiet, rainy day on the farm. My husband is playing piano while our little girl plays violin. “Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee…”  yes we do… Bread is in the toaster waiting to be slathered with something yummy. Water is heating for tea. No one has to be anywhere today. My mom […]

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FMF: {Beautiful}

It’s Friday somewhere already, but not quite in the middle of the prairies…fifteen more minutes and then it will be official. Friday marks the day I take a break from all the other blogging ideas and take Lisa Jo’s prompt and just write whatever comes to mind without over- thinking it, without editing and I […]

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If you’re heading to Tarshish, you may want to reconsider…

I live on a farm and have a lot of dirt to take care of.  If you followed my old blog or know me in real life you will know that I am not fond of gardening – and if you didn’t know it before you know it now. All this dirt is disconcerting. My […]

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Summer Reading {10 Titles}

I love reading anytime of year but summer seems to be a time when you’re supposed to be able to sit back and relax with a cold drink and dive into the pages.  We’ll see if that happens! I do however, have at least 10 books that I want to read this summer. I seem […]

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Summer Love {10 things I love about the season}

To be fair to the season, I thought I should post at least 10 things that I actually LIKE about summer. Just in case you’re wondering why I’d make such a statement…the truth is…I am NOT a fan of summer time. But today is not the time to tell you why, because I am choosing […]

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O Canada!! {10 things I love}

Happy Canada Day!! I am so happy to be a Canadian.  I love my country and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  Here are the top 10 things I love about my country! 1. I have been from one end of our country to the other and it is so beautiful and diverse.  I love the […]

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Happy Birthday to Josiah!

My marvelous song is 17 today.  He is all growed up and huge! 🙂 (yes I am aware that that was a bad sentence) We celebrate with a birthday breakfast and family parties and all kinds of such things!  We just finished breakfast and are heading out to a family reunion but I couldn’t resist […]

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FMF – It’s The Time In Between

It’s Friday and the prompt for today has been wandering in my head all day. If you’d like to know more about FMF click on this button: Today’s prompt: In Between GO   “It’s the time in-between…” This line comes from  a song by Francesca Battestelli.  It’s a lovely song about Jesus’ time in between […]

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What I learned in June.

Emily P. Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky has been sharing what she’s learned every month and invited her readers to do the same.  You can link up over HERE if you’re so inclined. **Warning: This is rather random, well at least some of it is! 1. I’m not a big fan of summer. […]

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