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I have lived in the Canadian prairies all my life. I am well aware of how cold it gets here and all that. This winter seems to have me shivering like never before. Perhaps I am getting old but all I want to do is plant myself beside the furnace with the dryer running and an open oven set to 350 next to me.

I thought maybe you would like some cold weather tips since this winter is sizing up to be…well…cold!

Foundation pieces

It is important to keep the lower parts warm. It is not easily done. I have already had some disasters this winter which I shall share with you for your reading pleasure. Yes, you are allowed to laugh at my expense.

Option #1 – Nylons/pantyhose

While they are no match on their own against Old Man Winter, underneath a pair of pants they do a pretty good job of insulating. Unless of course you get a hole in your toe. You probably won’t notice that hole until you go to take those things off, at which time your toe will be reminded of what circulation feels like and begin to shout its protest. Don’t ask me how I know.

Option #2 – Tights

Slightly thicker than the nylons should equal warmer. This is true. However, one should always ensure that the tights are in fact, tight, as in, having suitable elastic. Your pants will not hold them up. They will shimmy downwards underneath your pants leaving your behind for the seductive force of gravity. This is no way to shop. Don’t ask me how I know.

Option #3 – Long Underwear

Thicker yet = Warmer!! REALLY warm. This is not a good option if you are, say, going to work….indoors…where you may be needing to mop floors or move merchandise or go up and down a flight of stairs repeatedly. These tasks elevate your heart rate causing warmth throughout your system. OH! You already took care of that with the thermals…now you have EXTRA thermal heat happening. You also look slightly swollen from the waist down giving you a slightly puffy, snowman feel. Word to the wise – don’t wear thermal underwear to work inside. Don’t ask me how I know.

For today, I shall turn the heat up, put on my yoga pants and stay away from lower layers.

oh, I just thought of option #4, perhaps I shall try that…

Hand sew the binding on a very large quilt, which you will need to sit under while watching a good movie…that’s so crazy it just might work! 🙂

Toodles, stay warm!