A New Thing (and a guest post)!

My sweet Sam has  started a new thing! He is writing his very own blog, Life of a Highschool Homeschooler.

This would imply that he is planning to homeschool into his high school years which may, in fact, be the best route for that guy.

That boy is a voracious reader and picked up one of my review books before I got a chance to read it. I decided it would a great time for him to start writing reviews! Not quite a book report but almost.

So here it is, unedited by the mama. If you’d like to read his blog for yourself click HERE to get there!

click to get this book!!

Shock of Night by Patrick W. Carr by Samuel Wiens

The Shock of Night is about a man named Willet Dura who returned from the Darkwater which is a forest that NO ONE has ever returned from. At the start of the book a man named Elwin is murdered and Willet is enlisted by King Laidir to find out who murdered him. Just before Elwin died, he passed on a gift called Domere which allows the person who holds that gift to look into the hearts and memories of others. Then Willet finds these guys called the Vigil who are people that have the gift of Domere and protect the kingdom. They give him a guard named Bolt who will kill him if he goes crazy from all the memories he absorbed. Then they find out that there is a guy named Laewan who has an army of dudes that can see in the dark. They have to track him down so they enlist the urchins to set up a human net to find him. What will happen next….. Read the book to find out.
This is the first book in Patrick W. Carr’s new series “The Darkwater Saga” with such an amazing plot that you will be rushing to buy the next one. It combines Fantasy, Mystery, Action and Adventure, and a light sprinkle of Romance all into one AMAZING story.
I’ve been reading the book while in the hospital with Josiah so I will be posting my own review next week.
Update:  I forgot to mention that my review book came to me via Graf-Martin Communications and Bethany House Publishers a division of Baker Book House.

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  1. Patrick W. Carr January 26, 2016 at 4:28 pm #


    Thank you for your review. I love that you hit the high points without giving away the story. Nice job and keep reading!

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