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I’m thinking that just maybe God is trying to tell me something! It seems like all the books that come to me for review are joining together to form a whole pictures of things I need to know. Once again, one of the books I’m reviewing slides right into this disappointment discussion. This one is called Taming The To-Do List. I can almost hearing you raising your eyebrows and shaking your head…but it’s true, roll with me on this one!

Yesterday I posted about planning and how often the plans we make seem to go awry. Does this mean we should never make one? Absolutely not. Glynnis Whitwer addresses planning, procrastination and problems we face with these things. The back cover says this;

No matter how much we accomplish in a day, we nearly always feel a little guilt over what we didn’t do.

How true is this? We get so disappointed and agonize over all those unchecked items on the to-do list. Even when we do get them all checked off we expect that we should have done more. Procrastination gets in the way of our accomplishing the things that we are really meant to do.

In Taming the To-Do List Whitwer explores the whys of procrastination and the ways to overcome it. She explores the fears, the habits, the price we pay and society’s role in the lists we create for ourselves.

There is a way to avoid the disappointment with the To-Do list and Whitwer shows us the path through. While it seems like a very practical book, and it is, there are some very deep spiritual truths that must be addressed if we want to overcome the procrastination beast.

Let’s face it, procrastination often keeps us from our best work, from our best decisions. It creates stress and anxiety, it is NOT our friend.

This is one disappointment we can eliminate!

Grab a copy at your favourite bookseller. My copy came courtesy of Revell, a division of Baker Book House and Graf-Martin Communications.

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