What do You say?

Why do you say that?

Watch what you say!

Did you hear what I said?

Yesterday afternoon we were privileged to attend the graduation of one of our youth group members who went to a boarding school this year.  Something the speaker said really spoke to me.

What you say to yourself is six times more powerful than anything that I will say to you. – Stan Peters

Six times!!  The words I tell myself are more powerful than any words anyone else will fill my ears with.  So what am I saying…to myself?  What ideas do I believe?

These are important points to ponder.  What I believe is what I will tell myself.

If I believe that I am a precious child of God will I tell myself that I am worthless?

If I believe that I am created in God’s image will I tell myself that I am fat and ugly and stupid?

If I believe that God is able to immeasurably more than I can ask or imagine will I tell myself that my situation is hopeless?

I have to confess I was caught out.

I tend towards the negative when it comes to myself.  This is absolutely wrong thinking.

Because someone got a book published does NOT mean that I won’t have mine published.

Because someone has a different writing style than I do does NOT mean that my voice is not valid or needed.

Because there is a leak in the roof does NOT mean that it cannot be fixed.

Because someone else has more money/time/resources than I do does NOT mean that God will not provide the grace I need for the day.

Even as I type this my spirit is getting a little joyful wiggly…it’s hearing the truth and reminding me of how ridiculous I’ve been lately, wallowing around in a poor me state of mind.

Our devotions this morning once again hit the nail on the head…

Don’t take yourself or your circumstances so seriously.  Relax and know that I am ‘God with you’. –  from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

It’s time to take a look at what I’m saying and believing and get things right.

So…what do YOU say?

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With six kids, a farm, a ministry and dreams poking out in every direction I need plenty of grace to keep all the balls in the air. The sweet thing is that when I drop them, that crazy grace of God is there telling me I'm still okay...and you are, too...welcome to this place of grace.


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