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curious faith


That’s all we can be at the moment.

Just here.

We can’t change dressings or IVs or administer pain medications.

But we can be here.

first steps

Moving trays closer, handing over a laptop or getting more ice water or hot water, mixing a good cup of tea.

In the next day or two we will be able to transport him to the hospital in our city.

But for now, we wait. We are present. Hanging out here, letting him know that we are here for him.


It means we aren’t present for our other children, and that is hard.

We’ve missed some things and we won’t be able to recover them but we can be all here.

It’s all we have to give and it would appear that it is enough.

And God, He has been present with us. Emmanuel. God WITH us. Present.

Present in the hospitality and prayer and kindness we have received from so many.

He has been present to us, through His body, here and at home.

We are present. He is present.

He is the present, the gift we receive.

He is present in the small things, gingersnaps and a cup of good tea.


Present in the big things, clotted blood vessels and the blood still coursing through his veins because of those clots.

Present in the smiles, hugs and prayers of friends and family.

Present in the skill and hands of the hospital staff who clean, feed, change dressings, teach and find out information.

We are receivers of his present presence.

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