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Into the Word (1)

It’s Wednesday, late in the afternoon and I am finally getting to writing this post!

My kiddos were mostly sick all weekend and I wasn’t feeling super perky myself but we are on the mend…mostly. I still have two that aren’t doing so well.

Grace, grace, God’s grace!!

My dryer just signaled it was done…

So many distractions, I am feeling a little ADD today!

And that’s how it goes doesn’t it. We get so easily distracted by every little thing. At least I do. Sometimes it is hard to wrestle those distractions out of the way and get down to the task at hand, the thing that really needs to get done. I remember writing a post about that once. A fly kept buzzing around my head and it was driving me crazy, making it hard for me to concentrate. Sometimes we get spiritual flies buzzing around our heads, too. All kinds of ideas and what have you so that we forget about the ONE thing that is needed. Time with the Father.

That’s what Jesus did folks, He sought out every moment with his father that he could. He wanted to hear him and know what the plan was for the day. Then he knew that whatever was going on that day was from the father and it was his to do. No distractions took him off course. What a blessing that must be. I’m afraid I haven’t achieved that level of focus yet in my life and maybe there weren’t as many distractions tracking Jesus down, but I do know he had at least twelve guys hanging out with him pulling on his sleeve asking questions all the time!

I hope you are doing well with getting into the word! I am finding that it really sets the tone for the day when the mama gets up and does her spiritual exercise before anything else. I know some of you said you were having trouble downloading the reading/writing/memorizing plan from Kacey’s site so I will see what I can do to help you out with that. Perhaps you’d like to email me directly and I’ll send you a copy of the download file. Maybe I’ll just need to make my own….I’ll think on that! (I am totally okay with using someone else’s brain once in awhile!)

I had this question come from an inquiring mind and I had to go do me some research so that I could share with you all.

“What are ‘all the spiritual blessings’ that are referred to in Ephesians 1?

I took a closer look, did a little looking online and this is the conclusion that I came to.

The spiritual blessing we receive from the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ are all the things that we get when we are IN CHRIST. A lot of them are referred to if you keep reading in Ephesians 1 and it’s a pretty fine line-up.

  • we are chosen to be holy and blameless
  • we are adopted into sonship
  • we get grace, glorious and freely given – lavished on us (I kind of love that word lavished – more on that some time!)
  • redemption
  • forgiveness of sins
  • with wisdom and understanding he made known to us the mystery of his will
  • we are marked in Him with the Holy Spirit
  • we have an inheritance guaranteed

Those are just the ones from this passage (Ephesians 1:3-14). There are probably dozens more that we can find as we read through scripture. A spiritual blessing is one that we can’t necessarily handle and touch but is just as real and tangible. ¬†We have received or will receive all of these things as we are in Christ and God has poured out everything into Him and thus into us.

I hope that answers that question. If you have any others feel free to pass them along and I shall try to answer them!

Here are the writing out/memorizing/reading bits for the next week:

  • January 14: Colossians 3:12-17 (a review of the first week’s section
  • January 15: Grace Day
  • January 16: Romans 6:1-4
  • January 17: Romans 6:5-7
  • January 18: Romans 6:1-7
  • January 19: Romans 6:8-11
  • January 20: Romans 6;12-14
  • January 21: Romans 6:8-14
  • January 22: Romans 6:1-14

TIP: For any of my fellow homeschoolers here is an idea for you…I am using this as our Bible and penmanship class. I realized that my kids have atrocious handwriting and so we are daily writing out these portions of scripture, attempting to memorize as much as possible and talk about the scripture that we’re working on. At first it was P.A.I.N.F.U.L. I did say their handwriting was atrocious right? So bad in fact that my guys in grade 7 and 8 couldn’t even remember how to form most of the letters. The first few days it took them hours, literally to get through writing out a few verses. We have sped up considerably and their handwriting has improved immensely!

See ya! I am off to collect the girl from school and henceforth be ensconced in a vehicle for the next couple of hours!