10 Things my Allume roommates may (or not) want to know…

I wasn’t going to do much posting but Mandy and Laura got something started and I have to jump in because this is kind of a fun thing and I happen to have the house to myself at the moment and I’m supposed to be sorting a rather small mountain of paper and I’ve been on the phone and researching stuff for school and washing machines and what have you so I’m just going to do this. [yes, I am aware that that was a huge run on sentence :)]

I am going to Allume this year and unlike last year I knew it way in advance and my sweet friend Debi got me an early bird ticket with her super fast fingers, my flight is booked and paid for and now I just have to make a few dollars for my hotel room and some spending money…which brings us to the post at hand.

I will have roommates…at first it was just Kim Hall and me (aka Miss Too Darn Happy), I am so looking forward to meeting someone who calls themselves Miss Too Darn Happy, I think we shall have copious amounts of fun! (and she’s part of the GSDT team and she rocks.  THEN, they asked us all to skooch over and make some room because a bunch of cyclists took over the hotel we’re staying at….so…now there are 4 of us! Laura (Hentown Mama) and Amber (Mother of Knights).  WE are planning on enjoying each other’s company I can tell you that.

There are at least 10 things that my roommates should know…

1. I can roll with just about anything…I have 6 kids…am married to a farmer/pastor…no day repeats itself around here and we have breakfast, lunch and dinner theatre daily!

2. I am Canadian – this is important, because we may pronounce and spell things differently. We can overcome the language barrier I assure you. I do NOT say (eh?), I do NOT live in an igloo and I don’t like snow-mobiling – we do, however, have the occasional moose walk by and I have a tan.

3. I am an avid tea drinker. I do NOT like coffee unless it doesn’t taste much like coffee ie. copious amounts of chocolate, creamer, flavourings. I”m up for highly flavoured coffee but I will be bringing my own tea along because the powers that be tend to overlook us tea drinkers and relegate us to stale Lipton or Red Rose unpleasantness.

4. We can make that all up with chocolate.  I don’t need to say more about that unless you want to talk potato chips…

5. There is now physical evidence that I snore – my husband calls it a quiet purring kind of sound. Whatever. I will bring you earplugs. Apparently this is what being over 40 does to you.

6. I am over 40. I will be 45 by Allume just to be exact. I am pretty sure that I will not be breastfeeding, pregnant or any of that, I did that for approximately 12 years…I am done, but if God decided to give me a mid-life ‘surprise’ I would be okay with that because I am very pro-children-are-a-blessing.

7. I can be the life of the party or the quiet one in the corner observing…it all depends on what is required at the moment.  I am definitely more introverted in a big group of people unless I happen to be leading the whole thing and then I can be up on the stage with no fear and talk to everyone and make sure they are having a great time…I don’t really make sense (at least to myself).

8. I will be blonde this year…threw a few people off with that last year – in which I was a redhead like the picture below…I will be blonde, I promise.

9. When I have a plan I like to stick to it…I will spend quite some time deciding to which workshops I want to take, probably overload myself …but, no 1 still applies. I am always excited to see what God will put in my path.

10. I cannot go to sleep if there’s something else going on…movie being watched, a great conversation…doesn’t matter how tired I am I will stay awake to the bitter end.

Those are 10 things…you’ll find out more whether you like it or not! 🙂

I will smuggle Smarties across the border because you folks don’t have those and maybe a bag of Oreos, I’ve been told ours are better than yours for some reason, but I won’t join you in eating them because I am gluten-free (#11) – guess you might want to know that, too.

DSC_0215I am going to link up with Laura. This picture is me and the late Mr. Chubbs.  I so loved that boy (somebody shot him – boo).  It is NOT always winter in Canada…

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